Food Allergy Experience

Itching like crazy

The little guy’s skin is so irritated rate now with eczema. His back is red and irritated. His whole body has dry, raised bumps. I can’t decide if its residual from the squid a little over a week ago or if this is new.

His symptoms could go either way. The redness is probably more of a pink which leads me to think it’s probably just left over. But it was almost all healed up a couple of days ago (right around the 7 day mark from his known exposure- that sounds a bit creepy to write it like that, as if he’s had some exposure to a toxic substance). His itchiness seemed better yesterday but this morning he was itching way more. UGH! I don’t know.

I did make allergy-free fish sticks (Ian’s Foods) yesterday. He took only a bite. So maybe that’s it. My husband this morning didn’t think that was it since he’s eaten fish before. I had to remind him that allergies can develop at anytime. I think he doesn’t want to have anymore allergies added to the list.

Next months appointment can’t get her soon enough! I can’t wait to get the testing done to see if he’s allergic to both seafood and shellfish or just shellfish. I also can’t wait to see what his other numbers are doing. I’m really hoping they’ve come down a bit as we need some good news.


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