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Chocolate and sunbutter bars


A woman at work had made a lemon pie and I was craving a pie so bad. Since I’ve never quite mastered allergy-free pie crusts, I’ve been thinking about a graham cracker crust pie. Unfortunately, I had struggled to find graham crackers that are safe for my little guy. I may find a gluten-free graham cracker but inevidently there’s a label that says “may contain” eggs or something we have to avoid.

A few months ago my local grocery store started carrying Enjoy Life brand Graham crackers- I was beside myself happy! Then I never saw them again in the store. Well, never, that is until this weekend. I’d gone to the store to make a chocolate pudding pie using the Enjoy Life Snickerdoodle cookie for the crust (I figured it would work good enough). But low and behold, the store had a stock of the graham’s! I was stoked! I bought 3 boxes just in case they disappear again.

I’ve never made a graham cracker crust before- not even an allergy-riddened one. I had the basic concept but wanted to get the proportions correct. I came across this recipe at Enjoy Life’s site. It looked good and I had been craving something sunbuttery. So, I quickly changed my mind from making the chocolate pudding I posted earlier to making the Chocolate and Sunbutter bars.

These are sure please- my 20 month old ate two pieces and wanted more and the extremely picky 3 year-old ate two pieces. I shared with our guinea pig neighbors and got raved reviews. I did change this recipe a bit as I didn’t put any sweetner in it- it really doesn’t need it, used coconut flour instead of tapioca and I adjusted the baking time for the graham cracker crust.

Chocolate and Sunbutter Bars


1 Classic Graham Cracker Crust (see below)

1 bag (10 oz) Enjoy Life Semi Sweet Mini Chips

1 C Sunbutter

1 T Vanilla

1 C Water

1 T Coconut Flour


Empty bag of chips into a medium-sized bowl  (If using large chips, break them up in the food processor, otherwise they will not melt fast enough). Combine Coconut flour and cold water in saucepan and bring to a near boil. The solution will turn translucent and sticky. Pour immediately over chocolate, stirring constantly, until all chocolate is melted. The mixture will be very lumpy and bumpy.   Immediately whisk the sunbutter into the mixture – it should start to look smooth, although a little grainy.

Stir in the vanilla. Pour into prepared pie crust.Leave in the refrigerator overnight, or until set, about 3 hours.

Serve cold or at room temperature. To store, tightly cover with plastic wrap and store in refrigerator. Keeps up to four days.


For the crust:

1 box Enjoy Life Vanilla Honey Graham Cookies

1/3 C Organic or Vegan Granulated Sugar or Evaporated Cane Juice Crystals OR natural sugar

1/4 C Oil or Butter of your choice (I use safflower or grape seed or coconut)

Pie Pan (it doesn’t need to be greased) <—I used a nine inch cake pan


Preheat oven to 350 F

Place entire package of cookies in food processor with sugar. Process until fine. Add oil and process until crust becomes a little wet.

Place the crust in the middle of the pie pan and with your fingers spread crust around pan, pressing as you go, making sure to have about 1/8” of coverage over all surfaces – and no holes!

Bake for 9-11 minutes, or until crust turns golden brown. Use immediately or freeze for later.


The finished bar:

We cut this into 22 pieces (which seem small but its pretty rich!) and when inserted into my calorie counter one serving equals 196 calories.



  1. looks yummy! Is sunbutter like peanut butter but made from sunflower seeds? Sadly we don’t get that here…

    • Yup that’s exactly what it is. My daughter use to eat peanut butter before we found about little guy’s allergies and she’s easily transitioned to sunbutter. There’s online grocery stores that sell it, I wonder if you order it, but it probably would be pricey for shipping… 😦

      • Sounds like an excellent replacement – I’ll have on online search – really want to make these bars!

  2. I’ve nominated your great blog for The Versatile Blogger Award. Just follow this link

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