Food Allergy Experience

Flinstone Vitamins

The Little Guy has been having rashes for the last several weeks. This seemed to correspond to the weather getting nicer, well, hotter is more accurate. It seemed to improve with steroid cream and over the weekend. So, we made the assumption it must be environmentally caused.

Well, we ran out of vitamins and I went to pick-up some. My daughter’s been taking Flintstones gummy vitamins, so we’d started giving them to the Little Guy once he’d gotten his four molars in (a few weeks ago). As I always do, I read the label, and low and behold, it contains wheat.

I’m making the assumption this is part of the cause to the rash if not the only reason. I can’t completely rule out environmental allergies until I give the wheat some time to get out of his system, but I’m expecting the rash to improve.

For us, this is a good reminder to read labels carefully every time. My husband had read the label but didn’t read all the way down for the allergen warning. I assumed he’d read the label since He most often gives out the vitamins.


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