Food Allergy Experience

An ER trip….? Asthma

The Little guy has been suffering from increased eczema recently. We did find out that Flintstones Vitamins have wheat and had hoped this was the cause of the flare-up. However, it continues approximately 1 week out (I do know that some food proteins can stay in your system for as long as 2 weeks) from the last vitamin. And I notice the rash is worse after playing outside in the grass. I suspect he has an outdoor allergy and this year the allergies are especially brutal.

On Tuesday, I was on my way to get my nails done when my husband called. He hardly ever calls me and absolutely doesn’t ask me to come home. So I knew it had to be bad when he asked me if I’d started and if I’d come home. He’d put the Little guy in the tub and he started wheezing. By the time I got home, he was retracting so bad that I could see the entire bottom of his ribs. So, we loaded up and headed to the ER.

The ER was crazy busy so by the time we got to see the triage nurse, his breathing had somewhat improved. Which was good but it also ensured we got to sit even longer in the overcrowded ER. To make a very long story short, we left the ER at Midnight with a prescription for oral steroids, nebs and instructions to follow-up with the allergist about possibly Asthma vs a Mango allergy. He’d had Mango for supper which we’ve eaten before but not routinely.

When I left for the ER, I was pretty sure it was Asthma, well, reactive airway (that’s the term they use until you get old enough for an actual asthma diagnosis) since it presented suddenly, following a bath.

It’s just so frustrating to now have one more thing to worry about. With that said, it’s also best to know if this is going to be a problem earlier rather than later so we can keep him safe/healthy. And, there is a pretty good chance he can grow out of it or that it’s a one time thing since the allergies are horrible right now. Here’s to hope!


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