Food Allergy Experience

Friday’s Appointment

We had little guy’s follow-up appointment on Friday. The allergist didn’t want to see him due to not being able to test him until the meds are out of his system, so we went to our pediatrician. He’s awesome and through everything that’s happened with the Little Guy, I’m so grateful we picked him for our pediatrician.

On Friday, he gave us the diagnosis of Asthma. He said that usually it is one that they do hold out on as its a combination of reactions that prompt the diagnosis. However, looking at the fact that out of the allergy triad, Little Guy already had 2 of 3, he felt pretty comfortable saying this was asthma. And he felt it would be important to start a daily medication to treat it. So we will return on Tuesday to get started on that. We had to wait for Tuesday so that the Dr. can see him at his baseline with no Prednisone in his system.

My feelings: disappointed but relieved sums it up. I’m frustrated/disappointment that we have yet another thing to worry about. One more thing making life scarier in our house. One more thing that makes our Little Guy so very special. I am relieved though knowing that we are addressing it right away and not waiting, unprepared for the next attack to be random and unpredicted. I am relieved that on Tuesday, we will have yet another action plan to put into place. I will know exactly what I should do to help him versus just sitting and waiting. Being prepared, makes me feel more comfortable.

Don’t get me wrong, there will still be more waiting, just like there is now. Waiting for the next reaction- either anaphylaxis or asthmatic. Waiting for the next doctor’s appointment and hoping we’ll not have to schedule any extras. There is a ton of anxiety associated with this waiting. Especially knowing that despite my best efforts, life is unpredictable. And since he’s so young, we depend on others to help keep him safe- that’s a ton of anxiety for someone who likes to control everything!

And so, now as I always do, I pray. I just get to add one more thing to my prayer list- his breathing and for a lack of asthmatic reactions. I will continue to pray that his food allergies will improve and that no one slips up and gives him something he’s allergic to. I pray that others take me serious and help provide a safe environment when we’re around. I pray that people understand why I ask what I do. Most importantly, I pray for his safety and for wisdom in making the right choices for him.

And now, I’m waiting very impatiently for Tuesday.


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