Food Allergy Experience

Asthma Appointment Follow-up

This is a very late follow-up blog on our appointment last week. Our pediatrician didn’t hesitate to give the Little Guy an asthma diagnosis. As he explained allergies tend to be in a triad (nasal/rhinitis, eczema, and asthma). He already has the nasal/rhinitis and eczema leaving asthma to finish out the triangle. He’s had a few respiratory issues in the last year, Pneumonia a year ago than anaphylaxis and finally the most recent.

Asthma defined by the Mayo clinical: narrowing and swelling in the airways with increased mucus and difficulty breathing. The symptoms include coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.

Our doctor is pretty cool. His laptop has a drawing program, so he drew a picture to explain what was happening in the Little Guy’s lungs and then denoted the different medications and how the worked. Although I knew the information already, it was a great illustration for my husband and a good refresher for me- it has, after all, been a long time since I’ve taken a patho-phys class. The other reason our doctor is pretty awesome, he treats the Little Guy as an individual. Sure, asthma is typically not a diagnosis kids this young. They usually get reactive airway diagnosis until they become older when the pattern of reactions prompt the asthma diagnosis. But, in our case, its just so much easier to skip that step and move into treating him appropriately as an asthmatic.

So, the next steps: We got an asthma action plan and a prescription for Singulair. We did discuss other treatment options, but overall, the doctor felt the Little Guy would have pretty good treatment with singulair. We now carry a rescue inhaler and mask with us everywhere and take the Neb machine to daycare daily. Daycare will do Nebs as they are much easier to give then an inhaler. We will carry the inhaler since the nebs machine is bulky and requires electricity to run.

I’m tossing the idea around to purchase a second nebs machine. Carrying it back and forth to daycare is annoying but it also increases the chance we may forget it in one place or another. I know we’re just getting use to this routine, but we did forget it this morning and my husband had to drive home and back to daycare before going to work. He was, without saying, late for work. Then after all that, the mask remains at home.

So, as with everything, we are beginning to adjust. This is just one more thing for us to learn about and to adjust to. I feel confident that since we conquered the food allergies which seemed way more overwhelming in the beginning, we can this too.



  1. pamasaurus

    I’m always amazed at how you are able to stay strong and positive through all of this. The little guy is so lucky to have you!

    • Thanks! Some days I feel stronger then others. Overall, I have to stay strong for him and for the husband…he told me he panics when I panic because he knows something’s really wrong. So…I have to stay calm/strong.

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