Food Allergy Experience

Allergist appointment

Today was the big day. My lack of posting is directly related to the lack of sleep specifically with the lack of sleep over the last 3 nights! I’m pooped and the Little guy looks like he’s gonna pass out from being tired! Luckily today we can start his antihistamines again. Yaay!

So, the big results, which I know is why most are flipping over here from Facebook. Since we made it a week without antihistamines we could do the skin prick test. Unfortunately, we also had to do the blood draw for the known food allergies.

Over all, with both tests, The Little Guy was a champ! He didn’t flinch for the skin prick test which people had told me was horrible. It was nothing to him. During the labs he just whimpered a bit but no fighting or outright crying. Its sad when they get so use to being poked and prodded at such a young age that they’ll sit there patiently waiting for it to be over. The allergist was so impressed by how well he cooperated with her examine, opening his mouth on cue and even turning his head for her to look in his ears.

We got the skin prick test results immediately and found out he is allergic to Dogs (which was his largest response), all grasses, cottonwood trees, another tree I can’t remember, ragweed, dust mites and I feel like I’m missing one….oh, well, basically allergic to the great outdoors. Surprisingly he’s not allergic to cats. However, when I joked with my husband about getting a cat, the allergist was very quick to caution us on that as he would probably become allergic to a cat within a year. So we will most likely stay a pet-free home to the great relief of my husband!

We were given instructions on how to help him not feel so miserable. And got the good news that we can start doing the nightly antihistamine as needed only. We need to give the Zyrtec daily as he will most likely have the environmental allergies all year round.

The blood tests are to check his food allergies. We have to wait 5-7 days for those results. She seemed hopeful that we may see a decline this time. Although no promises were given. I’d love to see one or two of them low enough we can try a food challenge, but suspect this may be too big of a jump. I will be grateful for even the smallest decline.

Anyways, that’s about it. We just keep moving forward. Oh, wait, she did agree that most like his ER visit last time was Asthma and seemed to agree with that diagnosis. So its good that both his main doctors are on the same plan. And we have a plan to keep moving forward. So, although, we now have more allergies to worry about, I feel these will be much easier to manage. I am of course, anxiously awaiting the blood results.

And, please forgive any mis-spellings or lack of grammer as I am functioning on very little sleep. As always, feel free to follow-me to get email updates as my blog gets updated.


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