Food Allergy Experience

The Results are in and Drum Roll Please….

I have to confess that I’ve known generally the results from the blood work since Monday. However, when the allergist office called while I was driving and did not get to write anything down. In retrospect, it’s probably good I waited to share the results until they arrived in the mail because I now have all the results instead of partial and I have the classes too.

Overall its positive but there are few additions and two have gone up. First off the IgE has come down significantly. When we started down this road it was 998 just a little over a year ago. This is now 557. What does this mean? IgE is created by the immune system in response to contact with an allergy. These antibodies are the ones responsible for an immediate reaction when exposed to an allergen. Normal range for this lab is 230. He’s still got a few too many antibodies but this number has drastically improved.

Sticking to the good news first, the following allergies have lowered: Eggs, Peanuts, and Soy. Eggs originally was above 100 making him a class 6 (the most severe) and is now down to 20.3 which makes him a class 4 and only 3 points from a class 3! The Soy has improved to 7.32 which is a class 3 from 12.8 and class 3. The peanuts went down to 36.6 from 65.5 and remains a class 4.

The nurse was very excited to see the egg drop so much. We talked about this being a really good sign that we may be able to food challenges as soon as 6 months if it continues to drop.  He must be a class 2 or lower for the food challenge, but I’m hopeful that if he keeps dropping we may be there in 6 months. As she pointed out too, being able to add egg to our diet is HUGE as it opens up so many new foods. I’m just about giddy with joy right now (which is saying something since I’m not usually a “giddy” person).

Of course, with the Little Guy, there’s always some bad news too. He has had two allergies go up. Milk raised from 65.5 to 70.8 remaining a class 5. Wheat went up to 49.1 from 12.9 remaining a class 4. Non food ones went up also, Cat and dog with dog almost doubling. We’ve already been told to keep him away from dogs following the skin prick test. The milk was not surprising since the Little Guy has been anaphylactic with it.

We also had Mango and shellfish checked due to the most recent reactions have been associated with these foods. Today I just got the call informing me that he is, in fact, allergic to Mango. A class 1, but we will still avoid it. And of the shellfish he is allergic to Crab and surprising not Squid. However, we will be avoiding all Shellfish.

So we are focusing on the positive that things seem to be improving. I’ve made our next appointment for October (which can’t come fast enough). Between now and then, I’ll be praying every night that his allergies will continue to go down and that we may be able to have a variety of baked goods with added egg whites for Thanksgiving! I can’t even believe I just wrote that! Yup, I think you can say I’m giddy!



  1. pamasaurus

    Great news!!! I’ll be praying that they continue to go down as well!

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