Food Allergy Experience

And I wanted poptarts

I was hoping this post would be about homemade poptarts. I am, in fact, quite disappointed I am not writing about a poptart recipe and claiming to have gotten raved reviews. But despite trying two recipes, one of which I tried twice, I couldn’t get them to work-out.  Since finding the recipe the middle of last week, poptarts is literally all I can think about. As I continue to search for a recipe that actually works, please consider the following recipe as a sweet substitute.

This mint chocolate thin recipe is from lucysfriendlyfoods.  She also does allergy free cooking and encourage you to check her blog.

So, here’s the directions for chocolate mint thins. Directions: Melt one package of Allergy-free chocolate (I used Enjoy Life mini chips), Add 1 tsp mint extract, stir in well. On a piece of wax paper or tin foil, place a chocolate drop and smooth out to a circle. Continue until all chocolate is used. Let set-up and then enjoy!

I made 20 thins and for a little over 70 calories each, you can eat guilt-free. Next time I do plan to make them a bit smaller so that the kids don’t make as big of a mess.



  1. Many thanks for the reblog! Glad you liked the minty chocs x

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