Food Allergy Experience

Every Day is Another Chance to Discover

Every day is a learning experience. I just totally forgot that until I had my children. It’s especially true after the discovery of my little man’s allergy issues. I just felt the need to share some of these discoveries with you. Many apply to what I’ve gained from raising a severely allergic child but some apply to general parenting. Of course these are only a select few but I assure you there will be more lists in the future.

1. Onesies or one piece outfits for an extremely itchy child are borderline a necessity. If you’re wondering, it limits the overall surface area of the skin that he or she can gain access to. Another major advantage in our case, it limits our little man from being able to itch and pull out the plumbing and let loose.

2. Peanuts and pollen are not the only 2 things that people are allergic to.

3. There are days when my 2 year old son can out-eat me during suppertime. He’s done it. I don’t look forward to the teen years. He is definitely going to eat us out of house and home.

Epi Pen
4. To accept that a man-bag is my friend. Although convenient, a front pant pocket is not an ideal place to keep an Epi-pen on hand for many reasons. I will not delve into them as I will let you guess for yourself.

5. When buying socks… Absolutely DO NOT purchase packs with all different pairs no matter how cute or awesome looking they are. If you do… In the near future, the pile of loose socks that have no matching pair will drive you mad. Having a solo sock is one thing. Having a dozen solo socks is infuriating.

The number four
6. According to my little miss behave, I love her four while she loves me ten. If I argue that I love her ten, she will reply with, “I love you two trains”. Or something else completely random. Glad she’s on top of it because apparently I’m not.

Blended fruit
7. Blended fruit in squeeze packs = Conveniently awesome

8. It’s possible to be allergic to mangos. Who knew?

9. An allergy can kill you. I know what you’re thinking… “Well duh!”
Here’s the thing. Before the discovery of my son’s allergies, I was oblivious to the severity of allergies. I assumed an allergy was just an inconvenience. Something that made you itch and generally become uncomfortable. Something you could easily take medication to alleviate the discomfort. I heard about people dying from peanut allergies but it never quite hit home. I guess it didn’t affect me directly so I just didn’t care. Discovering my son’s allergies was that wake up call. I understood. I guess you could say it was that “Eureka!” moment… but not in a good way.

Allergy friendly ingredients
10. Feeding an allergic child is expensive.
4 lb. bag of Mama’s Coconut Blend flour – $17
1 lb. box of egg replacer – $7
32 oz. coconut milk carton – $5
But keeping your son away from allergens so he doesn’t die – priceless

Thanks for reading and don’t forget your receipt 🙂

Sincerely yours,
The Aller-Dad



  1. pamasaurus

    Your daughter cracks me up! I’m going to start telling people that I love them two trains, because that’s just too adorable!

    • The Aller-Dad

      I know right!? She’s always trying to stay one step ahead of me. I tried throwing the “I love you 2 trains” bit right back at her and she of course replied with, ” I love you 2 socks” while laughing hysterically. I can’t win! I just have to accept that I love her four 🙂

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