Food Allergy Experience

Let the Gravy Pour

There were certain foods I was certain we’d never have in our house after the Little Guy’s severe food allergies diagnoses. Some items were quickly replaced dairy ice cream with coconut ice cream and peanut butter with sunbutter. However, one item I’d not been able to find was gravy. They all had wheat or dairy in them. I’d checked both powdered and bottled. I was out of  luck.

Out of luck, that is, until last week. I was browsing the health food shelves as I frequently do and found this brand sitting on an end display. I was super excited for lots of reasons but mostly because I’d been planning on making tater tot casserole and really needed gravy to do that.

Its pretty easy to make, cold water and the powder. Mix well, heat. Serve.  I was a bit nervous that it wouldn’t taste good. I mean, could I get lucky twice? Well, I did. It was really good in the casserole. I will be making potatoes soon so I can try it over them.


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