Food Allergy Experience

You’re an Allergy Parent if….


You’re an allergy parent if….

1.You can assemble a breathing treatment in less than 15 seconds, and yes, you’ve timed yourself

2. Desensitization of your child relates something other than sex and violence

3. You don’t mind spend $140 on something you never want to use

4. You  don’t miss peanutbutter because sunbutter really is better

5. Birthday parties are potentially deadly fun



  1. oh so true. We’re lucky in the UK as we get epipens free from the NHS, it must be a real pain to have to pay when their shelf-life is so short – but also so worth paying

    • That would be so nice to get them for free! The sad part is the 140 is after insurance! Crazy right? But so worth it! I started asking to look at the expiration dates before I buy them because a rep told me once that they should be good for at least 6 months after I got one that expired in 3 months.

      • Gosh that is crazy! Do you have the same situation as us when everyone (home, school, school bus, clubs, relatives) want/need two at a time? It must cost a fortune! If only they had a longer shelf-life….

      • What we do in order to keep the cost down, a bit, is daycare has one they keep and then there’s one always in the diaper bag. We always carry one on us and at home there’s always one. Since he’s basically no where without us, there’s always access to 2. Now if he were to start spending more time at anyone’s house then we’d make sure there was always two at that place. But yeah, its recommended to always have access to 2. Pricey, pricey!

      • The Aller-Dad

        $70 for 15 minutes. May be pricey, but that 15 minutes can be the difference between a normal life and one of a vegetable. I just gotta remember to bring enough epi-pens on a plane to last roughly the entire flight (if we ever decide to fly anywhere). Just in case someone decides they have to sneak on a package of peanuts.

  2. Thank yo for following me.

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