Food Allergy Experience

Luck was on our Side

Two weeks ago I got that dreaded call from daycare. You know the one, it causes your heart to stop. At first you feel numb when they confess that they fed your allergic son the wrong the food. Then instinctively, you stay calm and assess the situation over the phone. You direct the staff what to do and then get him picked-up from daycare swiftly followed by hugs and kisses. Most importantly, you remember that life is way to fragile.

Luckily, the Little Guy’s reaction wasn’t life threatening this time. Luckily he woke-up from his nap because he was itching. Luckily, the staff went right to him and noticed that he looked like a lobster with a fat lip. Luckily they immediately gave him Benadryl and it took care of the swelling with some of the redness. Wow, we got lucky four times and I don’t consider myself a lucky person.

I’m not one to believe in luck and certainly not one to try to test fate. I’m the plan for everything and have back-up plans for when the first plan falls through kind of girl. And that, is why I was so frustrated. Don’t get me wrong, I was frustrated that he had the reaction. And I was angry, I should admit that feeling, that they’d let their guard down and he got sick. I was angry that he has food allergies. The anger followed the relief that he was OK and was quickly replaced with rational thinking regarding how to prevent future issues.

Now enter frustration. I was frustrated with the lack of foresight and viable solutions the daycare provided. I know he’s difficult because he’s allergic to everything. I also understand everyone is human. However, there should be a checks and balances in place. They should be able to take on the responsibility to come up with a plan and move forward with it. But yet, I felt like they wanted to side step the issues and put it back on me. Finally after a week ordeal, we agreed to a plan and I’m working on trusting this process is being followed.

This situation reminded me a couple of things. One, daycare providers need to be better educated on  process improvement, critically thinking, and quality assurance. Two, even though other’s care for my son, no one will ever be as careful as we are. Three, reactions will happen and its being prepared for them that matters.

Disclaimer: our kids go to a fantastic daycare that really is working with us and keeping him safe. They do provide safe and quality care. Otherwise, I’d not be taking them there!





  1. pamasaurus

    I’m so glad that he is ok! I can’t even imagine how scary that must have been.

    Hopefully the new plan helps keep situations like this happening in the future.

    • Thanks Pami! If they follow through with the new plan it should work well. I’m hoping it does!

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