Food Allergy Experience

And it was NOT a hit

A couple of weeks ago I was crazy excited to find lasagna noodles at the store that were safe for Little Guy. I didn’t buy them right away, instead I began thinking about Lasagna and ways to make it. I’d decided to use the Wayfare sour cream in replacement of the Ricotta cheese and then used Daiya Cheese shreds to replace the rest of the cheese.

Both of the kids typically like the Daiya cheese and this last week Little Guy took to the Wayfare sour cream. I will say, I and my husband have struggled a bit with the flavoring of the allergy-free cheese. But I figured the meat and sauce would counteract against the flavor. Yeah, I was wrong. In fact, the “cheese” and “allergy-free” flavor completely overtook the lasagna. I seriously wanted to gag. Kids barely touched it. It was bad and I was disappointed. Very disappointed.

I’ve decided I need to kick the idea of traditional lasagna to the curb. I need to take the dairy completely out of lasagna. We’ve discussed making a meat and spinach sauce and layer that with the pasta noodles. On the top will be sauce, and…. I’m not sure what else. But, none the less, we are “re-inventing” lasagna.

So, I’m wondering, for those of you reading this. Has there been a time you’ve had to look at a meal or entrée differently to make it work for your family? If so, please share your stories of success or disappointment.



  1. I have had to redo Lasagne for me, I use egg free sheets and soya milk for the white sauce I make myself, and use goats/sheep’s cheese. I have a recipe on my page. But I find it is a trail process to find the right recipe.
    I hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Ks41- you are right about the trial and error! I feel like a scientist some days trying out new “theories” (adapted recipes). I love new recipes so I’ll check out your page!

    • I hope you find something that wets your appetite.

      • Thanks!

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