Food Allergy Experience

Knife Throwing Not in my Future

So, those two cuts on the watermelon were made by me in an attempt to “hit” the same spot. Don’t worry, I didn’t actually throw them. I merely raised my knife up a bit higher than necessary and brought it down quickly….kind-of throwing it without really letting go? OK, I’ll admit, I was having a bit of fun while doing the mundane task of cutting up fruit. Ok, its weird I know. But, none the less, it taught me that I would be a horrible knife thrower if I couldn’t “hit” the same spot while actually holding on to the knife. So I learned something about myself, probably something I’ll never really need to use.  But still I learned something about myself.

As I was contemplating how ill-equipped I was for joining the circus, my mind as usual starting leaping frogging all over the place. And it landed, as it often does, on food allergies and food. I realized that just two years ago,  food allergies were not on my radar. Further more a year and a half ago, I was panicked about the Little Guy’s situation. I had no idea how I was going deal. Despite feeling ill-equipped and insecure, I tackled all the books and research I could find. I focused so very hard at learning everything I could about keeping him safe. Now, its our norm. We have food allergies. We deal. We adjusted our lives. In fact, part of me wants to say that we conquered food allergies. Life is good.

And, as I’m sure, I will never be standing in a ring holding a knife facing someone with an apple on their head, I believe I could do it if forced. Just like I can handle food allergies.


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