Food Allergy Experience

The frosting to end all frosting

I love baking and have loved baking since I was quite young. when I was in 5th grade we quickly moved from one town to live next to my grandma. Moving closer to her forced us to be close not only in proximity but also emotionally. She taught me to bake and most importantly taught me the love of baking.

Sadly, in highschool and college I deserted this love of baking for a more “modern” love of processed baked goods. One of the benefits of having an allergic child is it brought be back to roots. It forced me to leave bakery purchased and overly processed cakes behind. I now love baking again!

One thing I’ve newly developed is a love more making frosting. Sometimes, I make frosting just to make it which leaves my fridge full of home-made frosting. Crazy, right? Yeah, I know, its OK to say or think I’m a bit crazy.

In replacement of one of my loves (peanut butter), I’ve found Sunbutter. When a peanut butter frosting was posted here, I knew I had to try to alter it to fit into our allergy-free diet. Well, this worked awesomely and was very delish! Now its been awhile since I’ve had peanut butter or a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup, but this frosting reminded me of the inside filling of the cup.

Here’s the recipe

1/2 cup shortening or butter (I used shortening)

1 cup creamy Sunbutter

2 cups powder sugar

1-3 tbs allergy-free milk (I used both rice milk and coconut milk and the rice milk turned out better)


Using a mixer, cream the shortening and sunbutter together. Then slowly mix-in the powder sugar. Add the allergy-free milk until it reaches the desired consistency.

Yup, that easy! Here’s a picture of the frosting on the kiddo’s birthday cake.



  1. pamasaurus

    Yay! I’m so glad it worked out for you! It’s my faaavorite frosting recipe 😀

    • It was awesome and can only how great it would be with real peanut butter!

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