Food Allergy Experience

He can have the cake AND eat it too!

One of the first thoughts that went through my head when we found out about the food allergies was that Max couldn’t have birthday cake and birthdays would never be the same again. Well, that was a bit melodramatic of me. Of course he can HAVE a birthday cake because I can bake allergy-free. Unfortunately, more of what I was mourning was the lack of “fun” birthday cupcakes to take to daycare or even eat other’s “fun” cupcakes.

What I’ve learned is simple, we don’t have to avoid everything, we just need to readjust our thinking.  Now in the case of birthday cake, I’ve just readjusted how I thought about birthday cakes and celebrations. This year I made a Barbie cake for my daughter and Elmo cupcakes for the little guy.

We took the Elmo cupcakes to daycare and then had them at home for our family celebration. The cupcakes were a hit with daycare and the Little Guy was so excited he was shouting out “Elmo, Elmo!” and then babbled on about them. So I would say they were a hit.



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