Food Allergy Experience

The Difference Between My View and His

If old age has gifted me with anything, it’s bitterness and impatience. Luckily fatherhood has gifted me with a severely allergic son to teach me understanding and patience to balance it out.

Blowing Dandelions

A short while ago while I was watching my little man play, it occurred to me that my perspective on some of life’s little pleasures had turned sour at some point in my life. He was running around picking dandelions and blowing them. Scattering them in the wind as nature intended. He was simply having fun. I watched for a while thinking, “Too bad for the guy who has to deal with all the dandelions that are going to sprout all over the place”. Then it hit me… When did I start seeing dandelions as a horrible weed that I had to deal with each summer? When did I stop seeing them as fun things that mother nature made for me to enjoy? I honestly don’t know but I’m pretty sure that was the point that I was no longer a youth. At that moment I became part of the adult masses.

I see Little M, with all of his allergy problems, enjoying the simple things and it causes me to pause. It makes me step back and take a deep breath and relax. Life’s not perfect. It’s filled with unpleasant things but my little man holds my hand and guides me past much of it… so that I can see the fun things that I had once forgotten. Those fun little things that I let get overgrown by the bitter weeds of life. The fun is still there. It never left. I just let it get overrun by my own personal issues and negativity.

King of the Hill

I shall leave you with this. It’s a picture of my little king of the hill and of course my little princess. I would say queen but she would of course correct me.



  1. It’s cool when we can learn from our kids. They certainly have an interesting perspective.

    • The Aller-Dad

      Absolutely. I’m always learning something new from them… or even just re-learning what I had long since forgotten.

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