Food Allergy Experience

The Little Aussie Bakery

Our visit here to see family has been amazing! We’ve had the pleasure of not having to do any cooking or worrying over food. Our family has provided allergy safe menus without any prompting. It’s so amazing the amount of thought they put into providing our stay was stress-free. Further more its been amazing to be out-of-town and not feeling extremely stressed. It’s truly been a blessing!

Furthermore, since my cousin deals with food related issues and allergies she was able to direct me to an allergy-free bakery. Yes, a bakery where we were able to order off the menu! The dinner rolls and cake were delish! I’m so very impressed with the cake, it was light and fluffy. No denseness there! The best part is they will ship anything off their menu and will assist in answering questions regarding baking/recipes. I’m so happy!

We did buy a loaf of bread to bring home with us. We plan to order more once we get home and settled again. You can check out the website here.

We had two cakes, the white birthday cake and the coconut cake. I would recommend either of those. We also had the dinner rolls as they’re included with every visit. They make a garlic butter that’s safe for the Little Guy too. I wish there was something like this close to us.




  1. pamasaurus

    So glad your trip went well!!! That bakery sounds amazing! Maybe one day there will be more places like that 😀

    • I so hope so! I think with the increase in food allergies there will be. I would love to be able to open one, but its not in my future.

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