Food Allergy Experience

Whole Foods, I’m Impressed

The first Whole Foods in my city opened a few weeks ago. I was pretty excited, not because I’d ever been in one, but because everyone with food allergies talked about how awesome it is. There is a pretty good general grocery store I go to that has an amazing health food section. I really like it and feel that it meets most of my needs. However, Whole Foods did intrigue me, so I had to check it out. I was quite impressed with the clean, friendly environment.

Here is why I was impressed:

1) Every aisle had foods that were Little Guy safe

2) We found awesome new products

3) The sales were awesome (Buy 2 for almost the same price as 1)

4) There were allergy-safe items on the clean buffet which equaled dinner to go

5) The staff was supper helpful

It is a bit pricey and we probably won’t do all of our shopping there but I will return for the following new products:

So delicious coconut milk fudge Bars and chocolate milk to go!

Although Quinoa itself isn’t new to me, this brand (the store’s brand) is and its cheaper than what I buy at my local grocery store





  1. Sadly, Whole foods doesn’t work well for us. Though Trader Joes is far worse. Most of their package foods are unsafe for our daughter. As are their meats(rinsed in corn slurry before packaging, fed soy and corn and even worse GMO soy and corn ). Some of their fruits and veggies are okay(sprayed with wax which contains corn and other potential contaminates). A few years back, a lot of their products were single ingredient, now when you read the ingredients listing on the products just like commercial shopping you can find plenty of additives, unnecessary ingredients, enriched or fortified…

    We luckily have a few natural food marts with plenty of single ingredient items or no more the 2 or 3 that are easily pronounced and identified.

    • I went over to your site and briefly looked over your entries. You’ve got your hands full! I certainly prefer one ingredient foods but I’ve found it very difficult to find those. We’re lucky that we’ve been able to control his symptoms by cutting out just the foods he’s allergic to. I’m going to have to google the Mito condition as I’m not knowledgeable on it. We also just got a Trader Joes in the last 2 years (our big city is growing up!) But, since our diagnosis of food allergies I’ve not been there.

      Thanks so much for finding my blog and commenting, I feel like those of us dealing with food allergies can learn so much from others. I plan to check-in on yours too.

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