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There’s an APP for That

I love technology but am too cheap to be on the cutting edge. I just recently made the big upgrade to a data plan and Android phone. Now that I have the option for apps, I’ve been looking around and trying some out. On Facebook, I follow allergyeats. If you’re not familiar with it you can check out the website here. This website is a listing of restaurants with the nutritional information. As people eat there, they rank the restaurant on allergy friendliness.

I’m expecting the app to be helpful as we travel or just running around. We don’t eat out much at all because of the difficulty of keeping the Little Guy safe.  This app and website helps to provide useful information to make it easier to decide if we want to grab a bite or just run to the grocery store. Since it has nutritional information, the app could be helpful to those who like to check that information prior to ordering or deciding where to go.

I plan to play around with it over the next couple of weeks and plan to blog about it. My questions for all of you is this….Have you used this app or another one similar? Do you like it or find it helpful?


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  1. I’ve just started using AlleryEats, too. I’m hoping more people will start rating restaurants so that I can use it when I take a big road trip in a few weeks. I enjoy sharing my restaurant experiences–giving credit where due and discredit when deserved. I’ve seen gluten-free apps but these aren’t helpful to me as I have soy, dairy, and corn allergies. What I like about AllergyEats is that the actual consumer is rating the experience (they aren’t just basing the info on menus or what a restaurant manager says). Plus it’s free! 🙂

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