Food Allergy Experience

Halloween Prep Time

So, I know it is a bit early and Halloween is probably just barely on non-allergic parents radars.  The non-allergic parent is probably mostly focused on what costume they’re wee-one will wear. Well, for me, prep time has started for safe Halloween Candy.

Here’s How I prepare:

1) Buy Little Guy safe candy- This will include Smarties, Lollypops, Fruit snacks, Laffy Taffy, Pez, Candy Corn.

2) Make chocolate candy- “Make” may be a bit misleading. I pretty much head to Micheal’s and find a Halloween themed plastic molds. I melt down Enjoy Life Chocolate and pour into molds. Freeze and I’ve just made the chocolate

3) Clean out the previous candy buckets (they look-alike) so there’s no residue left over from last year

Additional non-allergy related things:

1) Buy glow sticks

2) try on last years costumes (yup still fit!)

3) Clean the wagon

4) Find somewhere to go Trick-or-treating (Our neighborhood doesn’t have as many sidewalks/available homes).


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