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I promised to try out the Food Allergy App called AllergyEats and come back with a review. I’ve been using it on and off now for a bit (maybe 6 weeks or so). This App provides information on local food establishments. Some of the places have the menu and nutritional information “one-click away” others have included a link to the website. As a user of the App, I can rate the restaurant according to my experiences. The review is very quick and I was able to complete several in one setting (there’s a total of 3 questions with a free-text spot).

I did find a couple of restaurants that I may try out as they had higher scores. When traveling, this has the potential of being a great App to find allergy friendly places. Potential, yes, I do mean potential. the biggest downfall to the App is that it depends on those of us using it to get on and rate the restaurants. So, if you live or travel in an area where very few people are actually using the App, there won’t be much useful information. However, if you live somewhere with higher usage, very useful.

Despite living in a larger city, in my area there must not be many people using the app as many places have no rating or have only one. So, I plan to encourage everyone to use the AllergyEats and I am making it a goal to use it (although, we hardly ever eat out) when we do try somewhere.

Overall, I say, AllergyEats is worth downloading and its worth taking the couple of minutes to register and complete a review. Just keep in mind that it may be a bit limited.


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  1. celiacandallergyadventures

    I have used that app and have a similar opinion. I also use Find Me Gluten Free app and website. It’s like any other review website (Yelp, for example) in that it works to an extent in areas with larger populations, but less so in smaller areas. And even less so where most people aren’t concerned with food allergies! Plus, you’re still at the mercy of people’s personal opinions and experiences, which may not reflect our own. It’s a great concept though and hopefully more and more people start to use it.

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