Food Allergy Experience

To Wisconsin and Back

There are many things that as a parent of an allergic child makes me very nervous. Traveling is one of those things and I don’t think I’ll ever completely be calm and relaxed while traveling. Despite this anxiety, traveling and vacationing is important for families as it provides a time of bonding and memories. In our case, it allows our children to have a sense of extended family since everyone lives a few hours away. A second event that makes us nervous is birthday parties. They’re a barrel full of dangerous fun. This last weekend we did both, traveled and went to a birthday party. I felt like I was tempting fate a bit but we all came out safe despite the typical post travel sniffles.

One of the biggest reasons we made it through the weekend without much trouble was the planning that went into the trip. I packed my usual box of food and prepared a meal ahead of time to warm up in the hotel’s microwave. My cooler was packed with allergy-free food and drink. All of this was necessary, but one of the biggest reasons the Little Guy remained safe was simply, the people hosting the birthday party cared. They listened to my directions. I had input in the menu. In fact, I baked cupcakes to take with us so that the other kids wouldn’t transfer dangerous particles onto the toys. She listened and followed my directions completely. She informed her guests that a very allergic little boy was coming over and requested that they give the kids their milk prior to coming. They had designated counter space to separate the allergy-riddened food from the safe food. The family did the biggest part to keep my kiddo safe.

I know, that even if they read these words, the hosts may never truly understand how much this little act of kindness means to me. They may never understand the relief I felt when they not only asked how to keep him safe, but then did it and more for us. The birthday guests, I may never met again. But they too have no idea how much their kindness affected our little family. All families involved this weekend have my up most gratitude. Thank-you.



  1. celiacandallergyadventures

    It is SO nice to have an understanding and accommodating host(ess) when it comes to dealing with food allergies.

    • Agreed! It helps me not to feel so alone and isolated 🙂

  2. Yes those that followed your guidelines to make it safe for your “little one” may never realize how much this meant to you, I sure do. I have had to have family make special accommodations for me. I am always asked by my son-in-law if it is safe for him to use this or that on food they are preparing where I will be a guest.

    I also suffer extreme chemical sensitivities. This presented the biggest challenge I have yet had to face and that is my daughter’s wedding. Over 100 people were invited to the outdoor wedding. A special request was included with the invitation that those attending come fragrance free. Many of these people knew me but an equal amount were on the groom’s side and had never met me and didn’t know of my plight. Yet I only encountered one person that had perfume on. The gentlemen that was escourting me down the isle whispered to me that he even avoided deoderant for fear of making me sick.

    I am glad that there are people who given the information in advance are willing to make necessary changes in their routines to accommodate those that need these changes.

    • That’s amazing about the wedding guests! It gives me hope that I’ll continue to find people willing to be flexible.

      • I hope so to. It gives us hope.

  3. pamasaurus

    That’s amazing! I’m so glad you had such a great experience! Sometimes you find truly caring people, and those are the type you want to keep in your life ❤ Glad you had a great trip!

  4. That is such wonderful news; small acts of kindness can mean a great deal! When I was in college, I pledged a sorority, and they took such wonderful care of me. On pledge day, the pledges are usually given a cake. Since I am allergic to milk and wheat, they made sure to purchase my favorite GFCF frozen dessert so I would not be left out. Later in the semester we had an ice cream social. The container from pledge day was still in the freezer, but it had become contaminated with an allergen. Almost every sister and pledge I saw vehemently told me not to eat from the old container, and only eat from the new, untouched one. That was 10 years ago, and their kindness on that day still touches me! I hope you continue to have such great days!

    • What a great story! I know I will remember this trip for a long time because of their kindness.

    • Yes, that is a great story indeed. So glad you had such great sisters.

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