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Chicken Tortilla Soup- Allergy-free

The weather is getting cold here as Halloween approaches. Boo! The one bonus to cold weather is the start of soup season! I was looking for a recipe for a white chili instead I stumbled up this Chicken Tortilla soup. I was surprised on how easy it was to alter to make it allergy-free. In fact, if I’d wanted to I could have purchased the Wayfare Sour Cream. Unfortunately its a large container for just one toddler eating it- although, I could buy it and then try freezing some of it…maybe.

I’ve adapted this recipe from one on my favorite crock pot sites:


3 cups Chicken Broth (we use Swanson)

1 1/2 cup Cooked Chicken

1/2 Onion, chopped

1 cup Frozen Corn

2 Green Onions, chopped

28 oz Canned Tomatoes with juice

1 cup Celery, Chopped (or whatever you have available)

4 Cloves of Garlic

1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper

1 tsp Cumin

Add while eating:

Corn Tortilla Chips

Diaya Cheese

Wayfare Sour Cream


Put everything in the crock pot. Cook on low for 8-10 hrs or low for 6-8 hours. I always start my crock pot on high to get things warmed up then turn it down to low. I started it in the morning and it was ready after work.



  1. I can (almost) eat everything on the ingredient list! I can’t eat the Wayfare Sour Cream (doesn’t seem to be gluten-free and it has coconuts in it), but otherwise I can eat all of the ingredients. I’m going to have to give this a try! It has been perfect whether for soup lately. 🙂


    • Its really good I hope you like it! I’m actually making tomorrow for the pre-trick or treating supper. I’ll re-look at the sour cream because we avoid wheat so, I thought it was gluten free. We don’t buy it anymore since the Little Guy’s the only one eating it.

      • It looked like it contained oats, but didn’t seem to say that it was certified gluten-free. And since I have celiac, I can’t have oats unless they’ve been processed in a completely gluten-free area.

        The nice thing is that since it’s a topping, it’s easy to just leave off. 🙂


  2. It starts to cool down here and then it is almost 80 again. Can’t wait for cool weather to give this recipe a try. Sounds delicious. Not sure, however, if I can do cayenne pepper. HMMM

    • When you do try stop back and let me know what you think!

      • Absolutely.


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