Food Allergy Experience

Halloween Loot


With kids you have little choice but to celebrate Halloween by going trick-or-treating. I think it’s in the fine print of parenthood. This year the kids had a couple of meltdowns but overall it was a pretty successful outing. The loot they brought home was quite impressive. I don’t ever recall getting that many good treats in my bag when I was a kid. I recall lots of Tootsie Rolls, Dum Dums and those black and orange wrapped peanut thingies. Minimal to no chocolate candies was the common theme in my trick-or-treat bag. Then again I don’t think it helped that I lived in the “less privileged” side of town.

With the little man and his many food issues, we had to sift through and separate the candies into safe and not so safe. Don’t worry, we did this long after the kids went to sleep. Below are the pics of our attempt to organize it.

First the combined loot. Nice:

Halloween Loot 2012 - 1

Second the split loot. Left is the “safe” candy and right is all the stuff that he can’t eat lest we want to visit the ER posthaste:

Halloween Loot 2012 - 2

Last is the split of what we’ll let him eat in the upper left. What we won’t in the bottom left. And what he can’t eat to the right:

Halloween Loot 2012 - 3

Wow Halloween has become just a little more complex. Now how do we eat all that “forbidden” candy without gaining a few pounds? That’s the real trick.


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  1. What a chore but it is always better than a trip to the ER. Not a fun experience – have had too many of them in my lifetime.

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