Food Allergy Experience

It is, what it is

If I had a penny for every time I’ve said that to someone about his allergies, I’d be a rich woman. Most of the time I say it when I’ve gotten those overly sympathetic statements and/or glances from people. This statement has become my way of saying, I can’t change it, but I’ll deal with it.

Deal with it. This week has been incredibly hard for me. Not because anything major happened, the Little Guy remains happy and healthy and most importantly, oblivious to the fact life-sustaining food can be deadly to him. By oblivious, I mean, he’s two and doesn’t know he’s any different then the rest of the kids. His mommie makes him his food and he’s been safe. So, in essence, he’s oblivious to that unique danger.

Deal with it. His blood work results came in. I’ve known generally the results since Monday. You can probably guess, that I didn’t come running here to share with all of you is because we didn’t get the results we were hoping for. In fact, his results are about (hahaha…I hate tempting fate by saying this….) as far from it as it is possible to be. I didn’t come running here, because well, I had to process my own emotions resulted from these results. I didn’t want to write an angry post, because, quite frankly, that’s how I felt. Angry. Tired of dealing with it. Ready for some positive news. Some news to give me hope. I didn’t get any of that.

Today, I was able to look at the results for the first time. All week I’d prayed that maybe, when the results came to me, I’d see major changes that the nurse was just wrong. It was after all, a different nurse then usual who called. At first I saw the same thing the nurse did. No improvement, just worse numbers. I was bummed to say the least. However, upon closer examination, I found that there were two with itty-bitty positive changes.

Although this small ray of hope, I’m very saddened by the news. Tearful as I write this. Because I wanted so desperately to hold my baby boy and tell him (even though he wouldn’t completely understand) that his life was going to change. That all of our lives were going to change. Instead, there’s no real change in our lives. I should be grateful for that, right? And deep down, I am. But, I’m still very frustrated.

Here is the breakdown in numbers:

Allergen          Original          Test 2          Test 3          Class (1-6)

Cat                   10.9                 22.4              70.7             5

Dog                  17.4                  44.6              55.9             5

Egg                  >100                20.3              34.8             4

Milk                41.2                  70.8               82.1             5

Peanut            76.1                  36.6               39.3             4

Soy                 14.2                    7.32               6.94            3

Wheat            33.9                  49.1                48.7             4

Crab                —-                  .43                 .60               1

Mango           —-                    .67                .91                 2

I went back and forth between posting his actual numbers and doing a brief over view. Ultimately I decided to post the numbers, mostly for myself. If they’re here, cataloged, I can find them easily. And then we recheck in 6 months I can easily pull this open and see his numbers. I do apologize if it’s too much information.

But anyways, as you can see with the exception of wheat and soy, most have gone up at least a little bit. However, there is some hope.  With the exception of Wheat, Mango, Crab, milk and the pets, the others are all below the original test results. Therefor, we are making progress. I must remind myself, we are making progress. Even if there was a slight raise this time, the overall trend is downward on several of the allergens. We didn’t check any of his environmental allergies beyond the pets. But those really are the least of my concerns at this point.

Another positive spin, she wants to recheck in 6 months which is nice because I would hate waiting for a whole year. And if we get on a yearly check (which eventually she’ll probably do since most people only get checked yearly. Somehow we’ve just gotten lucky and I’m not going to complain!), I want that to be in the spring since he’s birthday is in the summer. And he could potentially, if it comes to it, start the desensitization before Kindergarten.

So, yeah. It is, what it is. We will not being any pastries this holiday season, but maybe for Easter? Only time will tell.



  1. I have said this so many times to others about my own illness and allergies/sensitivities. Until I can think of something else to say: “It is what it is”. Take care. Don’t be too discouraged things change all the time even though I know you wanted better results now. Hang in there. Everyone I am sure who reads your posts are hoping and praying for better results in the next round.

  2. Thanks! I think I just got too wrapped up in and excited about the prospect of getting food back. I must remember that his number will bounce around before the settle in somewhere.

  3. pamasaurus

    Sorry you didn’t get the results you wanted, but you found the positive! I have nothing but positive thoughts for you guys! Keep being the amazing mom you are ❤

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