Food Allergy Experience

Ants on a Log- Peanut Butter Free

I’m not sure why Ants on a Log had been on my mind randomly for last month. Part of me wonders if it was connected to dealing with my mom’s health decline, mostly cognitive. I’d been thinking a lot about growing up and what life was like when she remembered me. One of her favorite foods was peanut butter. We’d get peanut butter suckers (Insert spoon into the jar, scoop, and you have a sucker) and she’d make Ants on a Log. Or maybe it was because I spent time searching for snack food and found that I had raisins, Sunbutter, and celery. No matter how the thought originally came to me, I decided the ants had taken hostage of my head and would not give it back until I caved. I made Ants on a Log.

The nice thing about this food is that it easily turned into a before supper activity for the kids. I’m not sure about your kiddos but mine get crazy some nights before supper. This night was one of those nights, I set them down and told them they were helping with supper, which they loved.

She was in charge of spreading Sunbutter

He was in charge of placing the raisins




Celery sticks, washed


Cut celery ends to get rid of the bottom stem and the top leafy top. The celery is your log. Spread Sunbutter in the center of the celery. Line up your raisons which are your ants. You can put as many or as little raisons as you’d like. Now, eat and enjoy.



  1. This is nice! Have you tried celery sticks with cheesewhiz inside instead of peanut butter? (minus the raisins of cours!) Another simple yet yummy snack!

    • That sounds great! Unfortunately our Little Guy is allergic to dairy….but I may try this one myself!

  2. Ants on a log. Haven’t thought about those in a long time. Of course not only do I avoid peanut butter I have to avoid raisins. Glad you found something they could make together.

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