Food Allergy Experience

Thanksgiving Menu: Our Allergy-free Meal

We had a nice family Thanksgiving this year. Holidays are more challenging with food allergies. To maintain safety and decrease stress we eat at home. I’ve been making Thanksgiving Dinner for the last 6 years when I started making a day after Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving dinner. It was an annual event we did before the kids. I’d have about 30-40 of our friends over. Now, I make a allergy-free meal for the four of us.

My menu has changed quite a bit since our first Thanksgiving meal. Well, not so much menu changed as much as ingredient changed. This year I’m pretty proud of the fact that I made an allergy-free version of Pumpkin Pie. Since I never posted an actual menu plan because of the holiday, I have posted our allergy-free holiday menu. I’ll post the recipe for the Herb and Apple Stuffing and the Pumpkin pie in subsequent postings.

Thanksgiving Day Menu:


Sunbutter, Carrot, Raisin Crackers



Turkey with a Herb/Citrus Brine

Herb and Apple Stuffing

Mashed Potatoes

Marshmellow Yams

Baked Corn

Pumpkin Pie

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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