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Reality Blog Award- Thanks!

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A big thanks and shout-out to Adapting to Food Allergies for the award. If you’re not currently following this blog or not checked it out yet, I recommend doing so. When I started the Food Allergy Experience, I wanted a place where I could connect with others dealing with food allergies and also wanted to provide information to those who don’t have any food allergies. I went into this project knowing I didn’t know everything but convinced I had something people would find helpful and/or inspirational. What I’ve found is other’s blogs and people’s comments have been very informative and supportive. And so for that, I thank you all.

When receiving this award bloggers post 7 things you may not know. So without further ado, I present to you 7 facts about me:

1. Before the kids I rode across Iowa 3 times on a bicycle. Roughly 500 miles in one week. Breaks down to pedaling 71 miles a day for 7 days.

2. I’m an avid TV fan with my favorite shows being: Scrubs (which is off air now), Supernatural, Bones, Revolution

3. I love reading but have very little time now to do so

4. I started jogging last spring and have a goal of completing my first 10K next summer

5. I also write for this blog

6. Cupcakes are a passion of mine- eating and making

7. My husband is one of eight and family get togethers are a frenzy of fun

Now on to choosing blogs to nominate. Several great blogs have already been nominated through the other blogs I follow. Here is my list of nominees:

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Our Simple Country Life

Lucy Friendly Foods

Mommy OM


Honorable mentions (they’ve recently been nominated by other bloggers):

Toxic Lasagna

The Crunchy Cook

Allergic to my Life

Thanks to everyone for reading and for sharing! Take a few minutes to check-out the blogs I’ve listed here as they are truly great!



  1. Amanda

    Good luck on your first 10K! I just ran my first one in July and it was such a sense of accomplishment when I finished.

    • Thanks! I’m pretty nervous because the weather won’t allow jogging during the winter but I use my elliptical so hopefully that’ll help me not lose too much ground.

  2. pamasaurus

    Woo 10K! We’ll keep each other on track with the training. I’m excited to start running again, but I’m so busy these days!

    Thanks for the nomination!

    • I know the feeling of being so busy! The holiday season is when I need to exercise the most but have the least amount of time. Your welcome for the nomination 🙂

  3. The Aller-Dad

    Maybe you should mention that riding across Iowa 3 times was on a bicycle for RAGBRAI. It’s an annual bicycle ride across Iowa. Roughly 500 miles in one week. Breaks down to pedaling 71 miles a day for 7 days. Riding across Iowa really doesn’t sound so impressive. Riding what? A tractor? A mule? Just saying.

    • Yeah….I was trying to watch TV and do this at the same time, not the best multi-tasking. So, I’ll expand that answer a bit so its clearer. 🙂

  4. Congratulations. You deserve the award I look forward to visiting the blogs you have nominated.

  5. Congratulations, it’s a well deserved award. And thank you soooo much for my nomination 🙂

    • Thanks and your welcome! I love your recipes 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for the nomination!

    • Your welcome!

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