Food Allergy Experience

An Allergic Child’s Week of Suppers (4)


This is a bit early, but I’m working on my menu now so thought I would post it. I’ve been in major need of some inspiration so I bought a new cookbook. This one isn’t specifically allergy-free but there are several recipes I can use. So, super excited about that! Its called Weeknight Fresh + Fast by Kristine Kidd. There are several new items to my menu this week. One fried apples. I’ve never had them but read it on another blog’s menu. So I did some research and am excited to try them out this week. Has anyone made them? From my research it sounds like an old farm recipe which surprises me my grandma never made it. Anyways, I’m hoping its good! Also new this week is the Harvest Soup and the Pasta with ratatouille veggies.



Monday: Pasta with ratatouille style veggies, fried apples

Tuesday: Tacos (huge staple in our diet)

Wednesday: BBQ Chicken, French Fries, and Corn

Thursday: Honey Mustard Fish (not sure which I’ll buy tomorrow), Rice, Mixed Veggies

Friday: Chili

Saturday: Lunch: Burritos with chips and salsa       Supper: Sloppy Joe’s with Alphabet Letters, Apples

Sunday: Lunch: Leftovers         Supper: Harvest Soup



  1. I will have to check out this cookbook.


  1. Menu Plan Monday #24 | Pa-BLAM!

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