Food Allergy Experience

Ian’s Foods- Allergy-free French Toast Sticks


A couple of months ago, the very first Whole Foods opened in our city. We were excited and rightfully so. I purchased several new products that wasn’t  available at my regular store. One of those items was Ian’s foods – French Toast Sticks. I stuck it in the back of the freezer and kind-of forgot about them. This morning I woke up with a hankering for French Toast which of course I couldn’t make without eggs. And then I remembered the sticks. So this morning we had the French Toast.

My daughter who sometimes gets the “real thing” at daycare immediately recognized them. The Little Guy had never eaten anything resembling them but gladly took a bite from one. He loved them and she did too. The only disappointment they expressed was that I couldn’t go make them some more. I had a few, and although there was the missing egg flavor, I really didn’t notice much else different. Especially since I was dunking them into syrup.

This all seemed too good to be true, so I reviewed the ingredient list to make sure I didn’t miss something (like egg). But, lo and behold, I hadn’t, this was really safe for him. I also examined the batter and realized if I had the ratios correct, I could possibly make Little Guy safe french toast. Now, I doubt I’ll ever really get around to making it. But, one could day-dream about it, right?

In case you’re not familiar with this company and its product line here is some information for you. The food is allergy-friendly and many products are kid focused. It has items like alphabet potatoes, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, mac-n-cheese, etc. For the food allergic child being able to eat food like other kids is so very important. Toddlers in general like finger foods so this company helps make food that appeal to toddlers. For more information check-out their website here.

The other nice part of these foods is the colored banner on the top of the box. See in below picture. It makes it easy to see what the food is free of. Now this band is very important to keep track of because some of the same foods contain more items than others. For example, you may find fish sticks that contain wheat or eggs and another that’s free of wheat, eggs, soy, and milk. So its important to know what color you are and to read each band carefully. This band makes shopping a bit easier. I personally love the band. Anyways, I certainly recommend these if they work with your allergies. DSCF7783



  1. If only there was no yeast.

    • yeah there’s yeast, that’s too bad 😦 bread products must be a challenge for you. Do you have any that you’ve found that works with your diet?

      • It is difficult to find yeast-free bread that doesn’t taste like cardboard. I have experimented with some but they are more like quick breads than anything else which is ok if toasted. Trader Joe’s does have a yeast-free wheat bread that I have purchased, sliced and frozen for the occassional desire for a slice of bread. There was a company in Dallas that many of us bought bread from. They did not add yeast and had all kinds of flours to choose from. Unfortunately they are now out of business. Today is a cold and rainy day and I did make some scones with organic raspberries. I am so overwhelmed at being so far behind that it is hard to get myself to bake today when it is a rainy baking kind of day.

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