Food Allergy Experience

Fried Apples- Allergy-free, Vegan


Several weeks back, I saw on another blog I frequent fried apples on the weekly menu. I’d asked for the recipe and when I received no response I figured it must be some super secret recipe. Several weeks went by and I couldn’t get the thought of fried apples out of my head. That’s one of my problems, once something gets in my head, I have a hard time getting it out. So, I decided surely this person didn’t hold a patent on whatever fried apples were. So I googled it. Lo and behold, fried apples are no family secret and appears to be a very common southern food and it is a staple in pastries.

What my search found is there are two types of fried apples. One with onions and one without. The latter being the one in pastries and such. I tried the one with onions because, well, my curiosity was killing me. How well can apples and onions taste together? Well, I must report, they taste great together. My son ate two servings and my daughter (who just doesn’t eat as much) finished her serving. My husband doesn’t do deserts much, so he skipped out. Tonight I’m hoping to try out the non-onion one. I’m certain I’m going to like it.

I cut the recipe in a third (full recipe is shown below) because I wasn’t sure how well everyone would eat it. However, I should’ve done the whole recipe. Here is the recipe I did for Fried Apples and Onions:


6 Tart Apples, cut into 4 inch wedges

6 Med Onions, sliced and in rings

2 TBS DF, SF Butter

3 TBS Brown Sugar


In a large skillet, melt butter and cook onions for about 3-5 mins or until crisp tender. Add apples and cook for additional 15-20 minutes until apples are tender.



  1. Amanda

    Ooh sounds delicious. I myself would probably omit the onions, though.

    • The onions took me for a loop too! But, I had to try it with them, and it was surprisingly good. It would be good without them too.

  2. My mom makes a fried apple tart that is so simple, and yet, people beg for it. There’s something about fried apples that make an automatic winner.

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