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Wreath Treats: allergy-free, vegan



I saw a picture of candy/cookie wreaths on facebook a couple of days before our family get together. And it really couldn’t have come at a better time because I came down with a stomach virus and needed something I could prepare easily. These literally, saved my day. I did change-up the recipe because I didn’t have cornflakes so I used Rice Crispies and it turned out great. In fact, I was happy but disappointed to find none of them remained following the party. I know this is a bit late for anyone to use for this holiday season. However, I urge you to think of other ways you can use this recipe. I plan to use it to make hearts for Valentine’s Day and will try a four-leaf clover for St. Patrick’s Day.

Here is the very simple recipe:

Candy/Cookie Wreaths


4 1/2 cups of Corn Flakes or Rice Crispies (If using Rice Crispies you will need to add a snitch more)

3 cups Marshmallows

1/2 cup DF Butter

1 tsp Vanilla

Green Food color

Small Red Candies or Red Icing for berries


Line a pan with either wax paper or tin foil. Melt butter in pan. Add marshmallows and melt until smooth. Keep the stove on low, Stir in Vanilla and food color until darker than what you want the wreaths to be. Once integrated completely turn off the stove and stir in cereal. Stir gently careful to not crush the cereal until completely covered. Spoon individual portions onto the wax paper with a slightly wet spoon. Slightly wet your fingers to avoid sticking and form a wreath shape. Prior to the cookie/candy setting, add small red candies  or add the drops of red icing for the berries. If you want, you can use the red icing to form a bow on the wreath. Let the candies/cookies set completely before serving.



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