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Allergy Friendly Recipe Swap

Whether you’re new to food allergies or its an old hat, finding allergy-friendly foods can be a challenge! One of my goals when I started this blog was to connect with others dealing with food allergies. I wanted to find support and give support. What I’ve found is there’s A LOT of us out there! And so many of you have GREAT recipes I’ve either already tried are will be trying. My goal with this recipe swap is to help us all trade food allergy friendly recipes and chat about food allergies in general.

Here’s the rules on the swap:

1) It must be one of your posts (please don’t link to anything you didn’t write)

2) It must be food allergy friendly– note it doesn’t have to be free of all allergens or vegan or anything like that. But please be cognizant that what you’re linking to is something that DOES take into account food allergies. If you’re not dealing with food allergies but want to participate? You can note adjustments/substitutions to be made to make it allergy-friendly.

3) Keep all posts POSITIVE. Food allergies are tough enough, so let’s support each other. I know there are downsides to everything; however, this swap is for sharing positive ideas and food recipes.

Are you ready to share? Jump right in with bu following the directions below. Don’t forget to stop back to be inspired!

Directions: Comment as usual by including a link to your blog entry and include a brief description of your post/recipe.

Keep in mind that posts linked do not represent the views or ideas of Food Allergy Experience.



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  1. I just found your blog and love swapping recipes. Your apricot pork looks wonderful. I’ve been experimenting with allergen-free baking and have discovered an unexpected pleasure in omitting eggs: licking the batter and eating raw cookie dough! Since you invited a link, I’ll post a link here to the chickpea chocolate chip cookies that were a pretty big hit. I hope you like them and thank you for sharing your experiences. It’s nice to find another person that understands. Here’s the link with original recipe, article and picture. 🙂

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