Food Allergy Experience

Post- Alpha Bits Cereal

I love it when I find a product that is safe for the Little Guy and doesn’t require me to shop at the health market. It not only helps me with my budget but it also make it easier for people to find things to offer us when we visit and it will (he may be a bit young now) help him feel more like other kids. This time I was shopping with my daughter and let her pick out some cereal for herself. She choose the Post Alpha Bits with Super Why on it. I didn’t read the label, I assumed it wouldn’t be safe for him.

Several days later, I was preparing Max’s food for his day at daycare and my husband mentioned packing him some of the Alpha Bits Cereal. After several minutes of dialogue, I looked at the ingredients list and, its safe for the Little guy. It uses Oat flour not wheat flour. So, I’ve given it to him and he likes it. I eat it too and it’s not bad. It’s not really sweet so I like that.


Have you searched the regular aisle at the grocery store recently? Have you had one of those unexpected finds? If so, I’d love for you to share with us. Thanks for reading!


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