Food Allergy Experience

An Allergic’s Child’s week of Suppers (11)

Its been a crazy day in our household. I took my daughter sledding as a playdate. This was her first time and she had a blast. Then this afternoon, her dance studio had a sledding party and the whole family went. My son whose 2.5 had a blast. So, now I’m sitting here completely worn-out sipping on some vanilla hot tea. It’s been a great day!

Our menu next week again has some pretty boring things but thought I’d share none the less. I need to get a bit more creative with the next menu plan! I do have a few recipes to share this week. I’ll probably share one shortly after posting this as long as the kiddos keep entertaining themselves.

Here’s the menu for this week:


Monday: Hamburgers, FF, Apples

Tuesday: Porkchops with Rice and Mixed Veggies

Wednesday: Chicken Stir-fry with Quinoa

Thursday: Honey Mustard Cod, Rice, Corn

Friday: Chicken Noddle Soup

Saturday: Lunch:  Beanie Weanies   Supper: Quinoa Casserole

Sunday:  Lunch: Left overs  Supper: Rotisseriee Chicken, Mixed Veggies, Potatoes

At some time this week, I need to make some pumpkin muffins and banana bread because my bananas are ready to bake but too ready to eat.

Want some more inspiration? Try out Pa-BlamLove Harmony Peace  and the Vampire Diet although not allergy-free they have some pretty good menus that you may be able to adapt for your needs.

What’s on your menu this week?




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    2. Menu Plan Monday #6 | Love, Harmony, Peace

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