Food Allergy Experience

7 weeks and counting….

It’s a bit crazy to be counting down already, I know. However, once we get under 8 weeks before the Little Guy’s allergist appointment, I start to get a bit nervous. A bit anxious. A bit over protective. OK, well, I’m always a bit overprotective. Last fall, I started daydreaming of doing food challenges and getting rid of some of his allergies. That didn’t happen. I had the crazy notion that his numbers would continue to trend down as they had been. When they didn’t, I was crushed. I was tearful. I was angry. One thing I need to get into my head is that those numbers are variable, meaning they will go up and they will go down. They will not just go down. And, if we get great news once, I shouldn’t expect it the next time.

I should’ve learned this last time. Right? I am after all, I smart woman. Right? Yeah. Well, at least at this moment in time I’m hopeful (not determined or convinced) that the numbers have gone the right way. I’ve started my usual constant worrying about what his numbers may have done (I need to work on my worrying!). I’ve again started praying nightly specifically about his numbers. I’ve started being even more obsessed with keeping him away from the allergic food (not that I wasn’t vigilant before, just multiply that by about 100). And I’ve started moving back into the “crazy mom” mode. Luckily, many of you reading this only know me through my blog so this won’t affect you much. 🙂

As I sit here and think about it, I realize that what I need to remind myself, when I start focusing his numbers, is his staying healthy and happy is number one priority. No matter what those numbers do, we’ve gotta keep him safe. So we can continue to see his smiling, happy face.

20121220_114845That’s a picture of him enjoying some snow…please disregard the pink Dora hat peeking out. We’re the kind of parents who stick whatever hat is handy on their kids. Because it’s a hat. Pink or blue or green, it’s a hat.  🙂



  1. I feel you, allergic sister mom! Our teen has her first food challenge (meaning the numbers were low enough) in about 4 years at the end of this month. When I get in hyper focus mode I go for a walk, clean the house or cook. One can always tell when I’m stressed 1. The fridge is full 2. There are lots of cakes 3. My home is immaculate! (Oh and maybe I gain a few pounds?). Best of luck!

  2. Thanks Heidi! LOL! I bake a lot when I’m stressed too!

  3. Karen

    Each day is a blessing. He is sooooo much more well now than he was even a year ago! You are a great mom!

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