Food Allergy Experience

Orange Apricot Porkchops

So, last week I had a moment of confusion and looked at the wrong menu. This week menu actually. So, I made this recipe last week instead of making it this week. I’m kind-of glad I made that mistake because it was really good. My kids ate it well and my husband enjoyed it as well. It’s a great mix of sweet porkchops and spices.



5-6 Porkchops

1 Cup Apricot Jam

3 TBSP Brown Sugar

1 TSP Kosher Salt

1/2 TSP Pepper

1/2 TSP Cinnamon

1/4 TSP Ginger

1/4 TSP Cloves

11 OZ Mandarin Oranges with Juice


Place porkchops on the bottom of a crockpot. In a small bowl, combine spices, brown sugar and jam. Spoon over the porkchops. Pour the oranges over. Cook on low for 8 hours or on high for 4. I, of course, used a combination of high and low and cooked for approximately 5 hours.

This is a great recipe and I recommend giving it a try. If you do, stop back and let me know what you think!

Happy Cooking!



  1. pamasaurus

    Yum! This sounds amazing!

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