Food Allergy Experience

Traveling with food allergies

We started a vacation, it is a two-day drive and have since arrived at our destination. My blog entries this week will focus on traveling and food allergies. This first one is about road food. Since we don’t really trust restaurants, we don’t really stop to eat out. So, we eat what I can pack in the cooler.

Here is a list of our allergy-free travel foods:

Lunch the first day:

Kettle Chips

Allergy-free Chicken Salad


Supper the first day:

Tator tot casserole


Lunch the second day:

Kettle Chips


Lunch meat



Gummy Candies

Home Made Rice Crispie Treats


For supper we’d made it to the extended stay hotel. I packed pasta and pasta sauce and we picked up a pound of ground beef on our way to the hotel. It was so nice to arrive to a full kitchen. The extra space of this hotel is also very nice. Although it’s not crazy spacious we do have a separated bedroom from the living space.

Luckily we’re not worried too much about nutritional value when we’re travel. It’s so much more about keeping everyone safe then worrying about nutrition. Plus, I knew we’d have a kitchen so I’d be able to control the food most of the week.

Tomorrow we have some exploring to do and I’ll write briefly about that experience too. If you’d like to read more about traveling in general feel free to stop over to my other blog. 

Do you have allergy-friendly foods that you like to take traveling with you? If you do, please share with us.



  1. yummmm rice crispies….. rice crackers, hummus, carrots, rice…. those are all good for me on trips. Pears, oranges and strawberries as well

    • Carrots are a great idea! If only for me since my kids won’t eat them 🙂 I’ve done sunbutter on crackers before, I could do rice crackers with sunbutter. Thanks for sharing!

      • I love carrots! Especially dipped in hummus…yum..

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