Food Allergy Experience

Vacation Food

I’m having a hard time remembering what we ate the last 24 hours. I feel like I’m getting old before my time! Either that or I’ve been so busy that I’ve managed to forget. I’d almost rather it be the latter as that sounds more positive. Sorry the title of this entry is pretty boring but well, I’m tired and my creative juices are not even trickling right now….so yeah. Sorry about that.

Supper on Monday was chicken stir-fry with mushrooms and green peppers. Since I’m limited on seasonings, I kept it very simple with salt and pepper. It turned out pretty good. I served that over rice. Yesterday’s breakfast was pretty simple as we ate Crunch Berries with coconut milk. We ate lunch at the zoo which consisted of lunch meat, chips, applesauce and lemonade.

For supper we had the opportunity to go to visit an acreage and eat dinner with the family. The acreage was a lot of fun for the kids. This family raises chickens and has bees hives. The kids chased the chickens until they were so tired they were tripping over their own feet! The bee hives were very interesting for my husband since he some day wants to have a hive.

The family prepared a fantastic salad which was Max safe. The main course of chicken and pasta was not but they provided me with a chicken breast he could eat and some pasta that was safe for him. It was great to have a sit down meal. We eat almost every meal at home around the table and I can say I miss it this week.

Today for breakfast I made pancakes and sausages. They were a hit despite not having any syrup. I’m planning on making pancakes in the morning too. I have the flour and applesauce and we want to take as little back home with us as possible. Lunch today was pasta with meat sauce. Supper I made some steaks with mushrooms and onions and corn on the cob. Being from the midwest, I’m always a bit nervous to try corn on the cob elsewhere. I mean, we really are spoiled by having fantastic corn. However, this corn on the cob wasn’t bad. It wasn’t midwest sweet corn but it wasn’t bad.

Anyways, that was the food part of trip. Other than food, we’re having a blast! It’s so gorgeous here with the mountains. The zoo yesterday was great. You can read more about our acreage and zoo adventures here.


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