Food Allergy Experience

A Drum Roll Please…..

I was so wrapped up with getting ready for vacation that I forgot to write about the allergist appointment. I’m quite surprised since these appointments occupy so much of my mind! The appointment itself went really well. We talked about the couple of minor reactions he’s had. We talked about how great his skin looked and how great he was doing. He really does look like a “normal” boy! We talked about the future regarding when he’d start school and I hinted (well, rather stated) that I hoped he could be put into her desensitization therapy once he turned 5. She agreed this would be good to start before he started kindergarten. She seemed very hopeful that we may be turning a corner since this is the age that often times a decline is seen. So, she ordered some labs.

I left her office feeling hopeful. Hopeful for good numbers and just hopeful for his future and, most importantly, his safety! Most parents cringe at the thought of their little one’s blood being drawn. Not that I love the idea, but I don’t get sick to my stomach anymore. I think the every six month lab draws have lessened my anxiety. Mostly though, I know my Little Guy will do just fine. In fact this time, he did it like a rockstar! He sat in my arms and let them do all their prep work without complaining. I had a hold of his arms and there were two lab techs in their but he didn’t flinch at all when he got poked. In fact, during the whole process the only compliant he had was “Ouchie….ouchie…ouchie” and he was trying very hard to see what was hurting him. He even watched as blood exited his arm and entered the test tubes. Yeah, he’s a pretty awesome little one!

Since we were leaving 3 days later for vacation, after the appointment I didn’t give much more thought to the appointment. I knew we’d be waiting on test results and if last time was any indication, I wouldn’t be hearing anything until we were already gone. To my surprise, I received a call on Friday, just two days after the appointment and the news was good!

Now, I’ve waited to tell everyone for several reasons. The biggest one was because I was on vacation when the actual results arrived and I wanted to see it in writing! The second reason being I really wanted to enjoy and process this good news before explaining it others. So, now I’m more than ready to share some GOOD news (in case you’ve not figured that out yet!). Keep in mind as I share these numbers and the explanation/plan, we still have a LONG way to go but we are certainly on the RIGHT track. And also remember, he continues with all his environmental allergies and his asthma.

Here’s the breakdown:

Allergen       Original       Test 2       Test 3       Test 4       Class (1-6)

Cat                  10.9               22.4          70.7           67.4         5

Crab               ——               43              60              <0.35      Neg

Dog                 17.4               44.6           55.9            52.1         5

Egg                 >100              20.3          34.8            24.0        4

Milk                41.2                70.8          82.1            48.4        4

Peanut          76.1                36.6           39.3            23.4        4

Soy                 14.2                 7.32           6.94           3.56       3

Wheat            33.9                  49.1          48.7           24.9       4

Mango           ——-              0. 67          0.91            0.35        Neg

IGE starting was 997, on the lat draw it was 767 and most recently it was 356. As you can see over his numbers are looking really pretty good! Milk, Dog, Cat remain above where we started but it is normal for the numbers to peak before coming down to where they will settle in. Basically we are looking for a downward overall pattern. I’m very hopeful we will continue to go on this downward trend. And the fact that his overall IGE has come down is very good (if only in my head) because it (to me) means his overall allergicness is improving. I did ask if we could re-introduce Mango and Shellfish since those were negative. The nurse said no to shellfish because he is a very allergic child still and she wouldn’t want to risk him developing and/or redeveloping an allergy. I’m going to talk to the Dr. about Mango at our future appointment. I don’t want to cause any extra inflammation to his system between now and then.

Now on to the really good news and the request for ongoing prayers/thoughts. We are able and have scheduled an appointment to do a food challenge with Soy. Since he remains a 3 (but barely because the cut-of for 3 is 3.50) we have to go to the office. I’ll admit, part of me is relieved we are going to the office vs trying it at home and part of me wishes it was just .6 less so we could do it at home. But I won’t worry about how we’re doing it, just that we’re trying it.

We have our appointment scheduled for June. At first I was kind-of bummed to have to wait so long, I mean, I just got great news and wanted to move forward. However, part of me is glad we are waiting a bit. His numbers may still improve (although we won’t know because I don’t think there’ll be lab draws) and it’s good to let my mind wrap around the idea that we’ll be giving my child Soy, which up until now was referred to as poison. Yeah, I need time to process that. I’m certain I’ll me a nervous wreck all the way up to that point.

I’ve decided that even if we don’t pass it this time, the news is still positive. His numbers have still improved. The overall outlook is positive. These numbers don’t take away the chance of anaphylaxis (it can happen with a class of 1 or a class of 6) but it eases my mind to know he is slowly improving. And, if he does fail, we’ll just wait six months and maybe try it again.

We got this shirt as a hand-me down a couple of weeks ago. And I believe it describes my little guy. He’s so brave with all his medical stuff, he does what he has to do, and well, just overall is pretty amazing!




  1. pamasaurus

    Oh, yay! Awesome news!! I’m continuing to keep the little guy in my thoughts. I hope everything with the challenge goes amazingly! keep being such a postive, amazing infulence in his life!

    • Thanks Pami! I’ve really appreciated your support through this whole thing 🙂

  2. Great new. I hope the challenge goes well and his numbers continue on the downward trend.

  3. Maureen Crowe

    Ruthie: Terrific news!! You are a great mom- and he is lucky that you have been on top of this whole journey. Know that we will keep Max in our prayers that the challenge with the soy goes well, and that he continues on a good trend!

    • Thanks Maureen for the kind words and for keeping us in your prayers.

  4. Karen

    Fabulous news!! Our prayers will continue for more improvement and passing the soy challenge!

    • Thanks so very much Karen!

  5. Amy Day

    It’s so good to hear about these latest test results. Like you said, still a long way to go but things are improving! Good luck with the soy challenge. Jenny and Rocco are doing well with his milk challenge- muffin therapy. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m glad Rocco is doing good with his milk challenge….do you know how often he’s able to eat milk products?

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