Food Allergy Experience

It’s a Strange Thought….

I’m running to the grocery store tonight. I usually go on the weekends so I can make my two-week menu. Unfortunately, we have had about two weeks of sickness in our house. This means, those usual things we don’t get done. My menu is done but kind-of up in the air since I didn’t go to the grocery store. I did try a new recipe that I hope to post soon. My husband and I liked it, but the kids did not.

But all that is for another post. This post is what I find very odd today. It is a strange thing to think that I’m purposely buying a soy product tonight. I could wait and get it in two weeks. And I may chicken out tonight and have to do that. In case you’ve not been following me long or just don’t know why buying soy would be SO strange, we don’t buy it because of the Little Guy’s allergies. The only form that’s been in our house is soy sauce, and it’s always stashed away. Always, unless I have a few minutes of alone time with a bowl of white rice. And then it comes out, just long enough to be sprinkled on and devoured.

Furthermore, it’s a strange thought to know that I’m going to go to a doctor’s appointment and we are going to feed this poison to him. Then we will sit there an agonizing 3 hours and wait. Wait for our lives, to possibly, change in a way I (honestly) never thought would happen. We could, maybe, possibly start eating an allergic food again. Wow….I’m really having some difficulty processing this. Which is weird because I thought I’d be excited right now. Not nervous/scared/hesitant/resistant to change.

Yes, my dear friends, this is a strange thought……..



  1. I know that feeling! Good luck to the little guy. We’ll be thinking of him!

  2. That is a scary thing to try. I remember when I try a new food. It is always worrisome whether or not I will do okay. I haven’t had any new ones recently.

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