Food Allergy Experience

Joy for this Mama

It’s funny when you’re thrown into parenthood you have this pre-constructed thought as to what it will look like. You have some false thoughts of perfection for both yourself and your child. And, you have some right on the nose thoughts about parenting. Then you have those things that’s been described to you, but you really can’t understand until you’ve been there, done that.

One of the parts of parenting that was a bit abstract for me was the JOY I find in my children. It’s hard to explain to a non-parent. I’ve had joy before my kids. I’ve found joy in my cousins, nieces and nephews. But none of these things compare to the JOY you find IN your children. It’s amazing! It’s so much more than anything I could feel for myself or anyone other than my children. Lots of things bring me joy as I raise my children. Those first fantastic words, shaky steps, or first time on a bike without training wheels (granted neither of my children are doing this yet). Those are joyful moments for parents.


With an allergic child, my joy also comes from simple things. Things many parents take for granted. My joy last week came from a very simple, luxury. We went out to eat. Because of the Little Guy’s allergies, we don’t do this often. And there’s one basic restaurant that’s always been safe for him. And then there’s a steak house we’ve gone to a few times which we’ve had pretty good experience at. But overall, not many places have passed our careful scrutiny.

As I sat across from him and saw him enjoying his meal in the crowded HuHot, I was filled with JOY. He was doing a perfectly normal activity and was doing it safely! We were having a family dinner like “normal” families. It’s these simple things that I enjoy as a parent. Living life and enjoying it with my kids. That is part of my Joy as a parent, watching my Little Guy experiencing life as every other kid gets to. I’m forever grateful for places such as HuHot that make it easier for us to do that.

But, as an allergic child’s parent, I often find myself wrapped up in worry and anxiety that I forget to sit back and experience the Joy of parenthood. I must remind myself that it is essential to take a few deep breaths and remember, enjoy my kids. Experience the joy they bring to everyday.

When was the last time you sat and enjoyed your children? Do you also have problems letting go of the anxiety? How do you let it go?


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  1. How wonderful to be able to bask in the joy of what others take for granted.

    • It really was. These outings are so special to us since we do so few of them.

  2. I do have a hard time letting go of anxiety. I actually wrote a post about it (yet to be posted.) I have a lot of anxiety over her food allergies when I’m out of my comfort zone (vacation, parties, etc). I let go of it through prayer and silently reciting scripture in my head when I’m stressed. Or sometimes just let it out and cry.

    I’m so happy you were able to experience joy about eating out. It truly is the little things… It’s nice to feel “normal” & get to all actually eat out together!!!

    • I understand the crying, I did a lot of that in the beginning. I felt so overwhelmed with everything. I do get very anxious when we do anything outside of my house, especially when I’m with a large group or with people who I don’t know well. I pray every night for wisdom to keep my little guy safe.

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