Food Allergy Experience

It’s All Purchased


So, I managed to physically put into my cart two soy products. Actual soybeans and soymilk. It felt odd but I’m strangely calm about the upcoming food challenge. I’ve been on the emotional roller coaster since finding out nearly 6 weeks ago the Little Guy do it. My initial response was so much excitement I could hardly contain it. This quickly moved into panic and anxiety. I stayed there for a while. Now, there’s an odd calmness. I’m pretty certain I’ll get nervous and anxious starting tonight when we go off all anti-histamines and the future test seems more real.

So, for those who have been wondering the actual date of the test, it is this coming Wednesday, June 12. I’m very much hoping this will became a very important date in my Little guy’s life. A date that will mark the first of his allergies slowly fading into the past. Until that time when the date is forever forged in my head (because I’m staying positive that everything will go fantastic- mostly because I can’t imagine how very bad it COULD go), I will continue to take it one day at a time. I will continue to insist on his safety and offer education to those who want it.

I’ve had people ask me what the challenge will be like, I’ll admit I’m not certain. We’ve never been able to complete a food challenge, so I’m treading into unknown water. What I know for sure is that it will be up to a 3 hour appointment. They will give him some of the soybean product I bring in (hence the purchasing the soybeans and soy milk). Once we will sit and wait, and pray. And that’s all I know for certain.

What I’ve heard will happen afterward is dependent on how the food challenge goes. IF it goes well, I’ve heard we will have very specific instructions on how much soy he can have a day and how to give it to him. IF it goes well, we will have specific recipes to make for him. IF it doesn’t go well, we will go back to what we are doing now. Avoiding all soy.

Either way, Wednesday will be an interesting day. Hopefully, it will also be a turning point for us. And if you’ve got some room in your prayers between now and Wednesday, please include us.



  1. pamasaurus

    I’m simultaneously excited and nervous for you guys… keeping the little guy in my thoughts this week!

  2. Good luck!

  3. Karen Huntley

    You are all definitely in our prayers!!

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