Food Allergy Experience

He can eat THAT?

So, usually hear that question from other people when I’m describing the food my little guy CAN eat. That statement is often followed by me saying, “well, I make it safe for him. Really, there’s very few things I can’t make safe him”. We really do eat like every other family does. I just work a little harder at preparing our meals. My toddler eat’s the same types of foods, just a bit healthier.

I’m always crazy excited, holding back dancing down the aisles excited, when I find “normal” food that’s safe for him. Since we’ve added soy and shellfish back into his diet, it’s been a bit easier to find these foods. Most recently I’ve stumbled upon a couple of pleasant surprises that even without the additional foods, the Little Guy can eat! Yup, he can have his cake, er…pudding in this case.

What kid doesn’t like pudding cups? I’ve not met one yet. I’d pretty written off individual pudding cups due to the presumed dairy. I’m really not certain if I’d ever really read a label or just assumed they weren’t safe. To be perfectly honest, we don’t generally eat a lot of those types of items. However, since the big sister was going to school and I’m packing a lunch, we’ve been stocking easy to grab foods. A few weeks ago, I had a few extra minutes in the store and decided to look at ingredients to see, you know, just in case. Well, that paid off because I found some unexpected safe food.


Lucky Charms, yup its safe for the Little Guy. And, he loves them. He LOVES the marshmallows! I know, they’re not overly healthy. BUT they let him eat what other kiddos are eating. AND it’s nice to let him eat the same as his sister.


Those puddings are safe. Yup, I found some individually packaged puddings that are safe! Yaay! We’d found some individual Jello’s that are safe but these are a nice treat for both of my kids. Now of course, the chocolate and vanilla are NOT safe, but hey he likes the lemon.


This soy sauce is wheat free. Since adding Soy back into our diet we’d been looking for a soy sauce. Now there is one that is in the health food section which is really pretty good. But this one I can find on the regular shelves for quite a bit less. Oh, and now, he will eat rice with a bit of soy sauce!

Have you found any food recently and was surprised to find it was allerlgy-friendly and/or safe for your allergic one? If so, share! I love finding new products.



  1. I finally found 2 tree nut-safe granola bars for my son—after years of looking! Cascadian Farms chocolate chip I think and red berry Special K bars. He’s only allergic to tree nuts, so I can’t vouch for the peanut status on these. It ‘s the little things 🙂

    • You are so right that it is those little things! Yaay for safe granola bars 🙂 I’ve made my own for my little guy but store bought would be so nice!

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