Food Allergy Experience

He saved the day!

Kids are so amazing. Not just mine, but kids in general. They go from being completely dependent and unable to move around to walking in about 12 months. They start off only being able to cry to having a full language by 4 years. The amount of information that get’s thrown at them that they must learn and process is incredibly overwhelming. Yet, they do it. And do it with a smile on their face.

I feel that way especially for kids with food allergies, except they’re ability to learn is complicated by life and death. Now at 3 years-old my son is grasping the fact he can’t eat everything. He even says things like “I’m allergic” and “It will make me sick”. Yup, at 3 he’s starting to get it.

In fact, he saved himself from anaphylaxis. Last weekend, I was tired. It was early. I’d not drunk coffee. Not that those are excuses. There should never be an excuse for keeping your kids safe. I’m more setting the tone of that morning. I’m sure all mom’s have had those mornings when your mind just isn’t ready for sunlight. My coffee was sitting on the table and I’d just gotten the Little Guy some more cereal. I was inches from flopping my but in the chair in front of my coffee when he request more milk (that never happens to you, right?). So, I got up, got whole milk out of the fridge, poured it into his bowl and turned around. Within seconds I knew what I did.

I panicked. I flipped around to find my son sitting there with a puzzled look on his face. He looks up at me from his cereal and says with a crooked grin, “That’s not my milk, mommy”. He thought I’d joked with him. “No baby that’s not! Let me get you another bowl”. I immediately replaced his bowl of cereal as he laughed at his “silly mommy”.

That was a close one. I’m glad he didn’t realize how close he was to an epinephrine injection, a speeding ride to the ER, and tearful and guilt-filled mom watching as he struggled to breath. I’m grateful one of us was paying attention that morning. This was a reminder that I must stay alert and focused even on those sleepy Saturday mornings. I am forever grateful this didn’t end worse and that I hardly ever make this mistake.

Have you had one of those moments or days when you were amazed and grateful your kid was on the ball?


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