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Pumpkins to eat not carve?


Last month I heard the craziest thing… can eat pumpkins! Yes, apparently they’re not just for carving and roasting pumpkin seeds. Let me say that one more time in case you’re responding like I did when I heard the news….You can eat pumpkins! And, not just the can form in a pie.

Well, let me clarify that. You can eat some pumpkins. Although one could argue you could probably eat all pumpkins some just taste better. But I’ve not and don’t plan to try eating one of the large pumpkins. I’ll stick to one of the little pumpkins known as sweet pumpkins, pie pumpkins or baking pumpkins. Yup, those little 2 lb pumpkins in the produce aisle are the ones you can eat.

You do want to be careful when picking a pumpkin. Look for one without blemishes or warts on the outside. Pick them up and search for one that feels heavier than it looks. The first one I picked had a tiny little hole in it which made the pumpkin rotten. So, really look them over!

I wasn’t really sure what to do with the two I had. So I decided to experiment a bit.

I cut and removed the seeds and stringy stuff from my pumpkins. I then diced the pumpkins removing the skin. I placed the diced pumpkin pieces onto a bar pan.

The first time I seasoned it simply with some seasoning salt and baked at 400 until the pumpkin was soft- about 35-40 mins. The second time I sprinkled the pumpkin with cinnamon and sugar and baked as the first one. The third time I used a little brown sugar and cinnamon; baking the same as the others.

I really liked all three ways. My family, mostly the kids, preferred the sweeter versions of the pumpkin. The brown sugar had a great little carmelized texture to it. It was really good that way. I honestly liked it all 3 ways. I’m curious, have you made pumpkin before? If so, please share how you cooked it.



  1. I made pie yesterday using baked-then-pureed pumpkin instead of canned pumpkin, and a few days back I made spicy stew containing chunks of it. Earlier today I put some prebaked then thinly sliced on a pizza and I’ve also had some raw in smoothies… and I still have some left, and that was the smaller pumpkin! I still have a large one hogging the kitchen table. Oh yeah, there was soup too.

    • I have smoothies every morning…i never thought about putting any in that. What a great idea! I’ve been planning to try some soup too.

  2. If you want another shot at roasting without sweetening the chunks they’re really nice tossed in some olve oil with salt, garlic and some herbs like rosemary or thyme, maybe sage if you like it.

    • That sounds great! I’ve got three more pumpkins to experiment with. I’ll try the herbs next 🙂

  3. Pumpkin is a standard vegetable in my part of the world and we would eat it at least once every week. I like to roast it with some nutmeg and then make a warm salad with feta, pine nuts and rocket leaves. Very yummy. Only thing to be careful of is choosing the right pumpkin. We have three or four varieties here that have fabulous flavour. that Here’s a link to my recipe:

  4. Back in my younger days we would roast seeds and bake the pumpkins for pies, bars, etc.

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