Food Allergy Experience

Good News on the Allergy Front

So, I’m pretty late entering this and I do apologize. A week ago Wednesday (the 16th), my little guy went in for his allergy testing. We met with the allergist who continued to feel very positive that we’d get some more food back. Overall, the last six months have been good for him. No real bad reactions just a couple of contact ones causing a rash. Despite now starting to have some itchiness, he’s skin looks amazing. After our appointment we went down and had the blood drawn.

Now, this little guy could put a lot of grown-ups to shame with his calmness to lab draws. He sat patiently on my lap and stick his arm out for the guy. When he was poked his only complaint was “ouch”. He watched the blood leave his arm and go into the tubes. When it was all done, he frowned at the man and simply said, “You hurt me”. And that was it! I’m so proud at his ability to do things with very little complaining. It makes the tests so much easier!


(I know this picture seems a bit odd here, but this shirt reminds me of how amazing he is with these tests. He is a champion.)

On last Monday, the office called with his results. I know….I’m really late. There’s a couple of reasons for this. One, they usually mail me the results and I wanted to have those so I could make one post vs two. Two, I’m still waiting to wake-up from a dream. What they told me feels a bit surreal.  I think the office forgot to mail my results since I’ve not gotten them yet. Instead of waiting longer to announce the full results, I’m gonna give ‘ya a run down what I know.

A drum roll please……..

His results were amazing! Yes, let me repeat that….they were amazing! I’m still a bit in shock because starting the beginning of next year, we will be doing food challenges on not 1 or 2 foods, but 3 foods. Yes, you read that right! Food challenges on 3 of the big ones! The first one will be a baked egg challenge, followed by a baked milk challenge, and ending with a baked wheat challenge. Each of these will require me to make something and bring it to the office. We’re doing them at the office to help ensure safety. I’m guessing he must still be a 3 on the scale but since I don’t have the written results, I can’t confirm that. The nurse also feels very confident that in the spring we will challenge the peanut allergy.

Now, we did get some bad news as well. We tested for tree nuts since his mango came back negative last time. This was to confirm we could safely give him mango since it’s closely related to a tree nut. Well, he came back allergic to several tree nuts. So, we can now officially say he’s allergic to tree nuts. This doesn’t change anything we’ve been doing since we were avoiding all nuts.

Although it hasn’t completely sunk in yet, in this house, we’re feeling pretty optimistic. I’m very hopeful that by Easter next year, he may be enjoying some regular dinner rolls with his ham!  Only time will tell. I do want to take time to thank everyone who prayed for us and/or sent some positive thoughts our way. I do believe in the power of prayer and thank God for these wonderful results.



  1. I am very excited for you and the “little guy”. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!

  2. pamasaurus

    Oh wow! This really is exciting! I knew you got awesome results, but I didn’t realize they were this awesome!

    • Thanks Pam! I still can’t believe it but I’m very excited for the challenge. 🙂

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