Food Allergy Experience

Loving the Uneventful

I’m loving that the last couple of months have been uneventful. That’s the funny thing about food allergies, and I would guess any chronic illness, life is absolutely wonderful when nothing eventful has happened. I may be jinxing myself, and I truly hope I’m not, by putting it out here for the world to see.

Prior to food allergies, the uneventful was quite a different thought. It certainly didn’t fill me with joy. In fact, prior to food allergies, I thought the uneventful was boring, I equated it to staying home with no plans. It was a time when we we’re looking for something fun to do.

Now, the uneventful means safety, less stress, and relaxation. We’ve been soaking up all of our uneventfulness with family fun. We’ve traveled a few times back to visit family. We’ve had family board game nights and even played catch in the yard. Yup. This uneventful time has been filled with plenty of fun events!

How do you fill up your uneventful time? I do hope each of you have had a break from food allergies and all the dangers that lurk. I hope you’ve taken time to enjoy the breaks between testing, reactions, and worry. Please share any stories or thoughts. Thanks as always for reading!



  1. In my uneventful time I go out bicycling, garden, freelance graphic design, and blog 😉 Cheers to the uneventful times!

    • I’l be able to add gardening to our uneventful once the weather straightens out here.

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